About me

 My journey with sewing began back when I was only a little girl.

I made many different clothes for my dolls

and this ignited my dream to become a dressmaker.

Little did I know that this very dream would one day be my reality.


I am a mother of two lovely boys.

They inspire me every day. I create various items for them; from decorations to fancy dresses or toys.

The very first creation based on child drawing was made for my son.

That made him delighted, over the moon, amazed; HE was the proud creator and designer of this wonderful, unique creation.

No one else in the world has that toy, just him.

It made me proud too.


I still make clothes but in most of my time

I make CUDDLIES one of a kind keepsake

to be cherisched for a life time

Seeing happiness in their eyes when they receive the Cuddlie

which looks exactly like they drew it,

makes my work very special.


Each creation is made with love, care and passion.

I hope you like it... 


Natalia x




Handmade in UK

kid's scrabbles
kid's scrabbles