Commissions - Pricing  


The price starts at £90 and it depends mainly on the complexity of the character.

A simple character will be close to the starting price, a detailed character can go up in price very quickly.

My price quotes and invoices will always be in Pound Sterling ( £ ), but you can of course pay in our own currency.


Prices per plush do include shipping, do not include possible custom fees. I used to be based in the United Kingdom, Europe where I have sewn softies since 2014.

Recently, due to personal reasons, I had to move abroad to be close to my family for that reason softies will be made ( still by me ) and shipped from Poland. 

- Complexity
A plush with lots of details, like a lot of different colors, body markings, complex shapes, a special pose, or an outfit will be more expensive than a simple design. The more detail, the higher the price.

Have I made it before?

If I have to make a custom pattern for your commission, it will be more expensive than if I already have a pattern ready. The designing and testing of the new pattern take a lot of time. Especially if the Cuddlie is very unusual in shape or/size or requires unique and expensive fabric. 


Size is only a small factor in the price, it mostly affects the material costs. Even if the plush is small, it will often still require the same detail and the same amount of work. Very large plushies (25 inches +) will obviously be more expensive because they require more materials, different techniques, and a lot more sewing time.